AquaBeyond Diving Suits

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Hands-free diving propulsion system designed for diving professionals and enthusiasts.

Used by both scuba divers and freedivers this is a must-have accessory for anyone who loves exploring the underwater world. 

1. Wearable & Completely Hands-Free Operation

2. Lightweight with an ultra-compact design that prevents drag when swimming.

3. Professional 700Wh battery One full charge allows for up to 180min of use in eco-mode.

4. High-performance brushless motor with continuous 700w output.

5. WaterJet Thrusters with 12kg of thrust(26.5lb).

6. Impeller safely located inside the shell.

7. Quick-release Design 

8. Reliable and rugged easy plug-in connectors.



Depth Rating m(ft)                         100m(328ft)
Top Speed knot (ft/min)               3 (303)
Runtime Full Speed( min)             60
Runtime Cruise Speed (min)       120~180
Max Static thrust N (lb)                118(12kg) (26.5lb)
Product Weight Kg (lb)                   8(176)
Battery type Li-ion                          700Wh
Charging Time                                  7 hour